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Shimano XTR PD-M9100 pedals

Shimano XTR PD-M9100 pedals

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The Shimano XTR 9100 pedals have been specifically designed for XC, are durable and guarantee high-level performance on the road, thanks to Shimano's Know How technology with forged bearings that improve pedaling technique. Compared to the previous series model, the contact area between pedal and shoe is wider and flatter, to better transfer power and ensure greater control on technically more difficult routes. The design has been optimized with a better self-cleaning system in case of unfavorable weather conditions. They are also available in a shorter 3mm version, for those who prefer a narrower Q-factor. Includes studs and screws.

  • Larger edge contact area for reliable pedal/shoe interface and efficient power transmission.
  • Improved mud shedding from the cylindrical contact area for predictable engagement/disengagement.
  • Axle length: 55mm.
  • Efficient pedaling and better control of the bike.
  • Real weight: 315 (pair).

SPD (Shimano pedaling dynamics)

Performance on the bike and on the ground, in any condition
SPD offers greater efficiency, better stability and comfort both on and off the bike in even the most adverse conditions, while the recessed cleats make walking easier.

Adjustable engagement and release tension
Adjustable tension allows the cleat to be set to the rider's preference.

Mudproof design
The open engagement mechanism and refined axle housing allow mud and debris to escape when the rider engages the pedal.

Cartridge pin bearing units
Cartridge bearings reduce the need for maintenance by preventing the ingress of dust and moisture.

Strong and reliable shimano structure
Off-road cycling pedals must withstand extreme stresses: that's why SPD pedals offer a perfect balance between lightness, resistance and reliability.

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