Who we are

2020, the year of the covid-19, has brought many entrepreneurial realities, small and not so small, to their knees.

It was a challenge for many of them, some won, some didn't.

If it is true that "opportunities arise in the midst of difficulties", as Einstein said, Fuoriora was born in response to 2020, as an entrepreneurial drive that starts precisely from the problems that the pandemic has generated, making the most of the potential of digital.

Fuoriora is the first Phygital Franchising and Dropshipping in the cycling, motorcycling and fitness sector in Italy.

It is the perfect flow between physical and digital, which eliminates business risks.

Fuoriora is designed and built with people at the centre, becoming a solution to the change imposed on us by this digital age. As a strong response to the pandemic, it represents a new job opportunity for all those people who wish to start their own business with very low business risk, taking advantage of the web, digital and new business models - such as Phygital and Dropshipping, still made more powerful than the Franchising system.

Fuoriora is for you if:

  • you are a wholesaler and supplier of cycling, motorcycling and fitness items;
  • you are already a reseller;
  • you are passionate about the sector and want to open a Fuoriora point in your city;
  • you want to create an earning opportunity with our affiliate, loyalty and sponsorship programs;
  • you have used items and you want to sell them in the appropriate section dedicated to used items;
  • you are looking for quality products;
  • you want to buy a bike, motorbike or fitness equipment in installments.