Terms and conditions


The payment methods accepted by fuoriora.com are payment by credit card via Paypal or payment by bank transfer:

IBAN: IT10B0306943971100000002278

Payable to: Spunk srl

For payment by credit card, the invoice will be issued at the time of payment.
For customers who choose to pay by bank transfer, the invoice will be issued upon payment confirmation.
Orders for which payment will not be verified within 3 days will be cancelled. Customers will receive a reminder of their order and will be able to send us the cro of the payment while awaiting confirmation in order to avoid its cancellation.


Orders will be processed and shipped within 3 days of receipt of payment.

The order is confirmed upon receipt of payment ("confirmed" status) and processed by our logistics ("working on" status). An order in working on can be totally canceled but it is not possible to add or remove items partially. From the moment an order passes to the "ready" status (ready to go), no changes of any kind are allowed.

The cost of insured shipping for bicycles and motor vehicles will be calculated based on the weight and value of the product.


fuoriora.com accepts returns of goods within 14 days of delivery of the order. The return procedures are processed directly through the system in this order.
to. Return acceptance request.
b. Approval of the request and issue of the e-mail with return acceptance code.
c. Shipping of the product to be returned together with the confirmation email.
d. Receipt of the package at our logistics.
And. Confirmation of Receipt of Compliant Required.
f. Credit note or refund issued to the customer's name.

If the order placed is not complete or damaged for internal reasons (see error on quantities available on the site) a credit note will be immediately credited to the customer.


This Privacy Policy describes the characteristics of the personal data collected by our company and the relative methods of use. It defines the circumstances in which this information is disclosed and to which subjects, as well as the criteria for modifying or deleting the data in question. Furthermore, since our website makes use of cookies, the homonymous section contained in this document provides an overview of the necessary and relevant information.

The Privacy Policy is included in the Terms and Conditions of our company, and forms an integral part thereof. Acceptance of the aforementioned terms automatically implies acknowledgment of the above information.

In order to complete any purchase operation, the user will be required to register by filling in the relevant Form available on our site, entering the various requested information, including his e-mail address, full name, phone number telephone number, gender, bank and/or credit card information, as well as any other personal information you wish to share.

The requested information is mandatory. The fields marked with the * sign must be filled in, otherwise it will not be possible to finalize the registration on the site.

fuoriora.com may use the personal data collected in the form for the following purposes:

  • create the account of the individual user, so as to give him the credentials to access the site;
  • process orders through the online services provided by the company and facilitate transactions;
  • forward notifications relating to the delivery status of the ordered items via SMS and email;
  • communicate commercial offers in the form of newsletters and catalogues, via text messages, telephone calls, emails or by post;
  • contact you in the event of problems relating to the delivery of the items ordered;
  • offer support to customers in relation to the products and services available on the company site;
  • answer questions and communicate information about new or updated products and/or services;
  • analyze personal data, so as to formulate offers and high-level commercial information;
  • verify that the user is of legal age to make online purchases;
  • send surveys and market surveys, so as to allow the user to influence the company in terms of the offer of products and services.

Through the acquisition of this data, the company also wishes to guarantee the correct functioning of the site and the services provided, so as to be able to improve their appearance and quality. The ultimate goal is to allow the user a customized browsing experience.

The company links the information, including personal data, usage history, etc., in order to formulate specific promotions and commercial offers for each individual user, determining their preferences and improving the site's contents.

The company has the right to link the information obtained by the user through various tools or at different times, and to make use of said information also obtained from other sources, including third parties. To this end, it may happen that it has to share the data in question with other business partners with whom it has established a professional collaboration, such as companies that offer marketing services and deal with other activities of a commercial nature.

The company will remain in possession of personal data for as long as necessary to perform the services intended for the user, or for as long as necessary by law. Once the provision of these services has concluded, personal information will be deleted, except in cases where there is a legal deposit obligation, in the presence of accounting rules or other legal bases that contemplate data retention, such as for example an ongoing contractual relationship.

The Company also has the authority to disclose information to any governmental, regulatory and/or legal enforcement agency or authority, provided that such disclosure is required or authorized by law and at any time the Company deems it necessary or appropriate to in order to comply with any governmental decree, regulation or law, in order to operate the website in the most appropriate manner, and to protect or defend the rights of the company from any illegal activity.

The company may share your personal data with any company belonging to the group to which it belongs. In this way it will be able to send, together with the aforementioned companies, information relating to the products and services offered, as well as any other information considered of interest to the user.

Subject to the user's consent, the company may also share his personal data with third parties (not part of the group), so as to be able to communicate information on the products or services offered by the company itself or by the subjects in question, as well as all information deemed of interest to the user. It is possible that third parties contemplate a different practice in terms of privacy, in this case fuoriora.com will not be held responsible for any discrepancies or other management issues.

The company website may contain links or references to the websites of the companies of the group to which it belongs or of third parties, whose privacy policies may be different; therefore, the user is invited to consider these aspects and to read the privacy policies of each party. The company does not exercise any control over other websites, except for its own, therefore it will not be held responsible for any differences or problems related to or deriving from these websites.

The security of the user's personal data is a fundamental prerogative of the company, which undertakes to make every effort to adopt the most appropriate measures, aimed at preventing any unauthorized access as well as the loss, misuse and disclosure of personal data of the user. In this regard, the company undertakes to constantly ensure the implementation of generally accepted standards regarding the safety of technologies.

However, given the impossibility of guaranteeing total security on the Internet and of completely protecting the integrity of data transmissions, the company cannot guarantee that the information and data stored on its servers or provided to a user (or by them received) will be protected from unauthorized access. By accepting this privacy statement, the user relieves the company of any responsibility, should any violations of the security system occur.

You also acknowledge that we may need to retain, store or transfer personal data outside your country of residence. While not being able to ensure the same level of protection guaranteed by the registered office, the company undertakes to make every possible effort in order to protect the user's personal information. However, it cannot be held responsible for any violations encountered during or in connection with such data transfer.

fuoriora.com declares and undertakes to respect all the rights guaranteed by the Italian law (Legislative Decree 196/2003) on the protection of personal data. In this regard, it is possible to modify your data or request its cancellation at any time, by sending a targeted request to the email address info@fuoriora.com


This section refers to the cookies and web pages managed by fuoriora.com .

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file (consisting of letters and numbers) which is transferred from a website to the user's PC, telephone or any other device, carrying information relating to navigation on the site itself. Cookies are installed with the authorization of the web server by a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome), they do not contain any software, spyware or viruses and cannot access user information via hardware.

For what purpose are cookies used on this site?

Cookies are part of the functionality of the company site. They mainly improve the user's browsing experience and are configured as a support tool for Shopityou.com in the formulation of offers and quality services. The information collected in the cookies make it possible to improve the site and to adapt its content to the preferences of the individual user, to optimize the results of searches, etc.

The cookies used by the site are associated exclusively with anonymous users and with the computers used, and do not provide personal data about users.

They are, in any case, temporary in nature, and are used exclusively to improve the use of the same.

What type of cookies are used on this site?

The different types of cookies used are listed below:

  • Technical cookies
    They allow the user to browse the site and use its features, such as the shopping cart or wish list.
  • Analytical cookies
    Shopityou.com uses Analytics cookies to calculate the number of registered and visiting users on the site. These cookies make it possible to measure and analyze users' browsing methods and choices, allowing IDT to continuously improve its services and implement the shopping experience through the website.
  • Preference cookies
    Each time users visit or shop on the website, the latter will remember their preferred settings (for example, location or language of use). Thanks to these cookies, the company is able to offer a more useful, simple and personalized browsing experience.
  • Advertising Cookies
    These cookies are used to show advertisements of interest to users. They also allow shopityou.com to measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. While browsing the site, users allow fuoriora.com to download cookies of this type into the device used, as well as to consult them when the user visits the site a second time.

Who uses the information stored in the cookies?

The information stored in the cookies of the company's website are exploited exclusively by the company itself, with the exception of the so-called "third-party cookies", used and managed by external subjects who deal with providing services requested by the company to improve the website browsing experience. The main services for which these "third-party cookies" are used are used to acquire statistical data on access and to guarantee the payment transactions carried out.

How can you not use cookies on this site?

If you prefer not to use cookies, it will be necessary, after having examined the previous limitations, to disable those deposited within your browser and, secondly, to delete the cookies stored in the browser and associated with the website.

You can activate the option not to use cookies at any time.

How do you disable and remove the use of cookies?

You can delete, limit or block the cookies generated by the site at any time by simply changing your browser settings. The latter may vary depending on the browser, while the configuration of cookies is usually accessible from the "Preferences" or from the "Tools" menu. For more details on configuring the cookie, refer to the "Help" menu in your browser.

Is it possible to avoid using cookies on this site?

If you prefer not to use cookies on this site, you will first need to disable those contained in your browser.

If you choose to disable cookies, it will be impossible to use all the site's features, as well as access certain services and functions.

Final provisions

The company reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, the user is therefore invited to consult it frequently through the website. Furthermore, it is not required to notify the user of any changes made to the information, either by email or by publishing a notice on the main page of the site. Therefore, the company invites the user to read the privacy policy and the changes made from time to time.

The provision of personal data to fuoriora.com by users is not mandatory. You can request the modification and/or cancellation of your personal data from the site database free of charge at any time.

Using the site and the services contained therein implies automatic and express acceptance of the privacy policy prepared by the company.