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SPOX Fuoriora glasses - Limited Edition 2022

SPOX Fuoriora glasses - Limited Edition 2022

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SPOX Fuoriora glasses - Limited Edition 2022

Safety first, when practicing extreme sports, high speeds are often reached, which involve whips of air on the face and eyes, and the lower temperatures cause instantaneous fogging of the lenses, compromising the field of vision and therefore the safety of the session
And the consequences could be the following:

- potentially dangerous mishaps such as distractions caused by small foreign bodies that could enter the eye
- inflammation or infection, such as conjunctivitis caused by cold wind;
- possible eye diseases, caused by UV rays such as:
cataract, macular degeneration.
- fogging of the lenses
The protective function of the spox is therefore not limited to the sun and light, but goes much further.
it's not just about protecting your eyes from UV rays
Here the brand new spox with the following characteristics come to our aid:

-Anti-UV lenses block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB light.
-Wraparound style with wide, close-fitting frames Larger lenses that help block more sunlight and foreign objects that can come into contact with the eye

- air vents between the lenses and the frame which eliminate the possibility of fogging.

With this unique Fuoriora eyewear from the Spox line, all the risks and dangers that concern athletes who love extreme sports have been eliminated
All this at an affordable price that can also be paid in 3 installments with KLARNA
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