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Talaria Cross electric motorcycle

Talaria Cross electric motorcycle

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Talaria sting off road (shipping included)

65km range

6000 of maximum power

weight 60kg

A great competitive bike with upgrades and more range than before. Cascade geared primary drive in oil bath (gearbox), wider rear wheel, real-time adjustable motor regeneration, improved battery connector, stronger wheel bearings are some of the great new features of the Talaria Sting.

Talaria Sting 3000 boasts numerous improvements compared to the e-Motos currently in production, which place it at the top of the market.
There are many aspects that make it one of the best Fun Bikes obtainable, even more so if we place it in the price range of an average e-bike.
Among the various aspects, the dynamic performance and the sensation of increased sturdiness stand out, as well as the greater ability to withstand the roughness of the terrain and keep the weight.

  • Ultralight forged aluminum frame
  • DNM front fork, Fastace rear
  • 60V and 38AH battery
  • 309Nm (rear wheel) and 6KW of peak power

Strong points :

+ Power across the entire range
+ Battery capacity (38.4Ah)
+ Regenerative braking adjustable in real time from the handlebar
+ Gear box primary transmission, gears in oil bath
+ Increased current delivery from the controller to the motor (85 AH)
+ Greater distance (>65km)
+ Stress resistance
+ Increased rear tire (80\100\19)
+ Minimum ground clearance Increased
+ Greater distance between rear mudguard and wheel


The primary transmission of the New Talaria Sting has a solid gearbox in an oil bath, while the secondary is a chain with a 420 pitch o-ring.

With a ratio of 8.35:1 the progression will already be powerful and pleasantly silent from the start.

It is possible to replace the final ratio by increasing the torque to the wheel, being able to adjust the speedometer by acting directly from the instrumentation


The suspensions are designed to withstand major jumps and bumps, the rear one uses a Pro-link system that makes the shock absorber work more progressive in the lunge phase and more sustained throughout the stroke.


The 60V battery is made up of LG 21700 cells (5000mAh/cell) which with only 12.5 kg can store 38.4 Ah (2304 Wh), for a long-lasting performance.

The integrated bms and the large discharge capacity power the controller by returning 85A in discharge.


The TFT display simply shows all the necessary information:

All parameters can be set and changed in the submenu.


The braking system of the Sting relies on 4-piston calipers with ergal pots and sintered pads.
The original 203mm steel discs with a thickness of 2.2 mm achieve a high heat dissipation coefficient, which translates into powerful and modulable braking in all conditions.

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