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Klarfit Workout Hero - Multifunction Bench

Klarfit Workout Hero - Multifunction Bench

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Clarfit Workout Hero - Multifunction Bench

Clarfit Workout Hero - Multifunction Bench, Weight Bench, Workout Bench, Curl for Arms and Legs, Up to 160 kg, Backrest Adjustable on 3 Levels,...

TRAINING WITH WEIGHTS: The middle section of the Klarfit Workout Hero bench combines a bench with an individually tiltable backrest and makes training exercises possible, with both dumbbell and barbell.

IDEAL FOR THE ARMS: The Klarfit multigym offers various possibilities for strengthening the muscles of the arm and forearm. On either side of the bench is an arm curl where you can make openings. As simple as putting the shot put and the throw.

TRAINING LEGS: A balanced workout also includes the leg muscles. This can be done with a quad or hamstring extension curl. You can adjust the intensity by changing the weight.

INTENSITY: the intensity of the leg and arm workout with the Klarfit multifunction bench, allows for a personalized workout by controlling the weight. You can use any disc that has a hole with a diameter of 30 mm.

STABLE: Despite its incredible variety of possible training exercises, the bench press multifunctional Klarfit feels very solid and stable. With the its black steel structure, is capable of withstanding a load of up to 160 kg.

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