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Heart Rate Kit for Rower First Degree

Heart Rate Kit for Rower First Degree

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Heart Rate Kit Apollo&Vik (Pcar HS-HRK)

Ideal for those who want to detect heart rate during training
For heart rate reading you need to use a First Degree Fitness Polar ™ long range wristband which can be purchased separately.

This kit includes the following products:

– HR 5.0KHz receiver
– Long Lead
– Cable ties and holders (3x)
– Adhesive Backing (Spare)

Assembly is easy. To connect the components of the Heart Rate Kit Apollo&Vik (Pcar HS-HRK) First Degree Fitness you must first find the flying lead on the main frame of the rowing machine positioned behind the footrest and connect the HR receiver to the other end.
Once the wiring operation has been completed, it is necessary to find an ideal place to place the HR receiver which should possibly be placed halfway along the lateral guide.

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