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KAGRA Massage chair

KAGRA Massage chair

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Like a dance for the Gods
We called it KAGRA after the Japanese term Kagura, which means "to entertain the gods". Kagura deals with traditional music and playful dances from Shintoism, which date back to ancient legends, according to which the sun goddess was calmed, soothed and entertained, to allow her to get out of the cave. She had hidden there with a large boulder in front of the entrance, thus enveloping the land in deep darkness. Well, you understood that the plan succeeded and brightness returned to people's lives, and now KAGRA can delight you.

For an almost weightless experience
KAGRA is the Cadillac of massage chairs. These luxury objects will become your oasis of well-being, because here you will experience maximum effectiveness and comfort. The so-called "zero-gravity position" is the NASA-defined lying position in which the legs, heart and back are all in one plane. This angle of approximately 126 ° offers ideal conditions for a relaxed, almost weightless body position.
Leave everyday stress behind and enjoy your own individual pampering program from head to toe with the incredibly versatile KAGRA massage chair.

Full body massage with 7 techniques
Energetic or delicate, relaxing or revitalizing. There are 7 massage techniques at your disposal which you can now enjoy anytime. In several automatic programs, all of these techniques are combined to provide a deeply relaxing, revitalizing or soothing massage. All you have to do is choose the desired body area, intensity and duration of the treatment.

Convenient Functionality
You can use the practical control element to intuitively choose all functions, such as program selection, type of massage, body position, intensity or heat.
A convenient LCD display will show you key information at any time, such as the massage time remaining, the type of massage in use or the body area being massaged.

Precision body scan
KAGRA offers you a customized massage on your body zones with different intensity, made to measure, with the use of intelligent DUAL-LAYER sensors, which precisely analyze and measure your body. This is the only way to offer you a pleasant and focused massage on your body areas by varying the type of massage, such as hand massage.

Like a hand massage
With the special 4D massage technique, you can experience the Asian tradition of Shiatsu massage as done by hand.
The massage heads and rollers work with the utmost precision, giving you the possibility to adapt the method and intensity to your needs. Enjoy a deep-acting treatment that follows the contours of your body with vertical and horizontal movements, both in depth and width. Create your massage to relax the body from stiffness or tension through targeted acupressure. You can then save your program by simply pressing a button.

Safety for your four-legged friends
You can sit back and relax. You don't have to worry about your dog or cat looking for a cozy place under the chair. A cover prevents your pet from entering the armchair.

Multifunctional legrest
Regenerating calf and foot massage? Comfortable cot for a nap? Or a comfortable chair for watching TV? KAGRA adapts to your needs thanks to the useful legrest.
The rest can be adjusted in length, height and angle so users of all sizes and shapes can find a comfortable position.

Revitalizing foot and leg massage
Let yourself be pampered with a pleasant Shiatsu compressed air massage. The massage uses precise movements following the arched lines of the foot, and easing tensions. The sides of the feet are vigorously massaged with specially designed two-layer air cells. Combined with the variable calf massage, you will immediately feel light, fatigue and heaviness will immediately leave your legs.

Ergonomic posture from head to toe
The highly variable backrest and footrest as well as the position of the armrest, which automatically adjusts to the inclination of the backrest, ensure full contact with all massage surfaces at all times. The legrest can be adjusted in height by gently pressing with your feet so that you can stretch it comfortably. Of course, KAGRA is also great for napping – the triple infrared heat makes it particularly comfortable. Surely you will never want to get out of your chair!

Soothing warmth from head to toe
A pleasant heat intensifies the effect of the therapeutic massage, providing additional well-being and perfect relaxation. Place the variable heating plate on it to warm your back. Or cover yourself with it, enjoying the pleasant warmth on your chest and stomach. Your hands stay warm in the practical pockets. The heating function for calves and feet is a welcome luxury, not only in winter. This way you will be pampered all over, your muscles will be relaxed and your circulation will be stimulated.

Relaxation and Music
The wireless Bluetooth speakers play your favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, they also stream audio from your Smart TV, in which case you can simply use the KAGRA as a comfortable armchair.

Simple control, with the use of a finger
Do you want to change the angle of the backrest, the position of the leg rest or the program during the massage? Or do you want to move the massage to one spot? Maybe you want to adjust the intensity of the compressed air massage? All very simple, because the speed dial buttons are conveniently located on the right in the armrest and you can use them quickly and even with your eyes closed.

Upholstery colours: Champagne, Black
Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz, 180W
Dimensions in sitting position: 89cm x 123cm x 135cm
Dimensions in reclined position: 89cm x 93cm x 187cm
Weight: 96kg
Accessories: Cushions, power cable (about 180 cm), cover

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