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Horizon TR 5.0 Treadmill

Horizon TR 5.0 Treadmill

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– A practical folding treadmill for training at home
– Intuitive display of training programs and data during exercise
– Advanced Bluetooth capable of connecting to multiple devices to stream media content through built-in speakers
– FitDisplay app via Bluetooth to improve the training experience through different movement modes
– Smart Device Racks and multifunctional supports to have your favorite items always at hand

TAPE: Thickness 1.4 mm
RUNNING SURFACE: 40.6 x 127 cm
INCLINE: 0 – 10%
SPEED: 0.8 – 16.0 km/h
ENGINE: 2.0HP / 1.5CHP
CONSUMPTION: 1500 watts
DIMENSIONS (L × W × H): 162.5 x 77 x 139.5cm
CLOSED DIMENSIONS (L × W × H): 94.6 x 77 x 143 cm
PACKING: 167 x 65 x 26 cm

DISPLAY: 3 Windows LEDs
TRAINING DATA: Distance, calories, time, speed, incline, heart rate
PROGRAMS: 45 programs, including Manual, Distance (1.6K, 3.2K, 5k, 8k, 10k, 12.8K, 15k, 16K, 20k, half marathon, 24K, 32K and marathon goals), Time x 10 levels, Calories , Fat Burner x 10 levels, Hill Climb x 10 levels
ENTERTAINMENT & WORKOUT TRACKING: Device holder, Compatible with FitDisplay app and other popular fitness apps, Bluetooth speakers
HEART RATE: Contact via sensors and via Bluetooth
EXTRAS: Tablet holder, bottle holder

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