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Horizon Adonis Rack barbell rest

Horizon Adonis Rack barbell rest

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To better coordinate our physical activity, the Adonis Rack helps us. It is a very useful complement for the many hours spent lifting weights and trying to get into the best shape possible. Build upper body muscles with the Adonis Weight Bench Barbell Rest and its 5 adjustable rack positions with a maximum training weight of 160kg.


Structure: Ø 76 x 1.5T Circular tubes

Structure colour: Silver

Barbell rest adjustment: 5 positions

Max barbell weight: 80Kg

Height of the barbell rest: max 128 cm / min 92.7 cm

Internal dimensions of the barbell rest: 91 cm

External dimensions of the barbell rest: 105 cm


Dimensions: 62 x 107 x 150cm

Product weight: 16 kg

Packing weight: 16.5 x 109.5 x 62.5cm

Max weight load: 160 Kg

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