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GYMSAN Sanitizer Tank 5 lt

GYMSAN Sanitizer Tank 5 lt

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GYMSAN sanitizer in 5 liter plastic bottle.
Pleasantly scented, it is formulated to treat fitness equipment, gyms and any environment where the conditions of hygiene and cleanliness are compromised by circumstances that favor the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and molds (such as perspiration and contact with the skin by tools used by many people).

Distinctive factors & competitive pluses:
1. highly effective, thanks to its first-rate active ingredient;
2. modest precautionary spectrum of safety for people;
3. absence of environmental impact;
4. absence of alcohol;
5. great versatility of use;
6. does not dent or damage any surface, not even the most delicate;
7. it is not flammable;
8. does not cause stains and streaks.

Formulated with the Medical Surgical Presidium n. 19892 of the Ministry of Health based on benzalkonium chloride and orthophenylphenol, it is indicated for the removal of a broad spectrum of bacteria responsible for many
of the most common infections.
The manual pump supplied with the plastic bottle generates a fine and suitable spray of the product which reaches and penetrates even the most remote micro-cavities of the surfaces where harmful microorganisms can nest.
Dries quickly, without generating stains or streaks.
Thanks to its excellent sanitizing properties, it is also very effective for lockers, changing rooms and footwear.

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