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GYMPROTECT protective liquid

GYMPROTECT protective liquid

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Gymprotect PR923 protective liquid supplied in a 250 ml transparent plastic bottle, complete with a convenient sprayer that allows you to apply the product on fitness equipment quickly and easily.

Distinctive factors & competitive pluses which, with equal effectiveness, characterize GYMCLEANER compared to other products in the sector:
1. wide versatility of use;
2. modest precautionary spectrum of safety for people;
3. absence of environmental impact;
4. negligible alcoholic footprint.

It protects surfaces (metal, natural leather, suede or nubuck, many textile and synthetic materials) from corrosion caused by drops of perspiration that can fall on tools during physical activity and by accidental contact with oils and greases.
It does not allow dust and dirt to adhere to the surfaces, thus allowing to reduce the frequency and intensity of cleaning interventions.
It is not dangerous for health, nor harmful for the environment, in accordance with the European Directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/CE
No specific danger can be found in normal use - Free of physico-chemical effects harmful to human health and the environment.

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