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GYMCLEANER SG1.9 water-based cleaner expressly designed for fitness and gym equipment, where there are simultaneously surfaces of different nature (rubber, soft plastic, rigid plastic, metals) that require an effective product for the removal of dirt and various residues, which, however, does not damage or deteriorate the surfaces themselves.

Distinctive factors & competitive pluses which, with equal effectiveness, characterize GYMCLEANER compared to other products in the sector:
1. wide versatility of use;
2. modest precautionary spectrum of safety for people (its main component, 2-BUTOXYETHANOL, is approved as a direct and indirect additive by the US FDA, the American Federal Foods & Drinks agency);
3. absence of environmental impact;
4. negligible alcoholic footprint;
5. excellent value for money.

Removes fats, oils, sweat and any other organic liquid deposited on tools with intense human contact, such as handlebars, benches, saddles, etc. These deposits, if not removed regularly (at least once a week), as well as damaging the tools and forming unsightly halos and stains on them, can give rise to bacterial strains harmful to both human health and the environment (the most the emanation of bad odors is evident).
Restores the clean condition of the tools, without damaging them.
It is sufficient to spray a small quantity, using the pump supplied with the bottle, directly on the surface of the tool and then rub lightly with a soft cloth or a sheet of absorbent paper.
It is formulated to act effectively on rubber, polyurethane, PVC, smooth leather, metal and glass surfaces, without damaging them or giving rise to halos. In case of use on leather, it is recommended only to dry the treated surfaces with a soft cloth or with a sheet of absorbent paper, after having removed the oily or organic residues, to prevent an excessive amount of product from being absorbed by the treated material.
It is not suitable for wool, cotton, silk and viscose surfaces, suede and nubuck leathers.
It does not contain PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic) or vPvB (very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative) substances and is not dangerous for health or the environment in accordance with the provisions of Directive 67/548/EEC and/or Regulation (EC ) 1272/2008 (CLP).
It is not to be considered dangerous in accordance with the provisions in force regarding the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), by rail (RID), by sea (IMDG Code) and by air (IATA).

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