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EVERFIT Welly And Combi

EVERFIT Welly And Combi

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Everfit Welly E Combi is an innovative electric pedal exerciser for passive gymnastics of lower and upper limbs and post-traumatic and physiotherapy rehabilitation .

Thanks to the two motors that also work independently, Welly E Combi is the ideal mini bike for exercising the lower or upper limbs even simultaneously in a combined way.

Welly E Combi it allows you to carry out a movement both forwards and backwards and is equipped with an auto-stop function, with an audible alarm in the event of cramp or muscle spasm.

The height of the product is adjustable and the orthopedic pedals can easily be replaced by knobs for arm exercises.
The practical console allows you to easily adjust the pedal set, and the display shows all the data necessary to monitor your training.

The tool must be used by people with muscle tone; if they cannot accompany the pedaling, the same feels a resistance in opposition and the anti-spasm safety takes over.

Welly E Combi is not indicated for passive movements for the vascularisation of the limbs.

Technical features:

  • Adjustable height
  • CE-ROHS certifications
  • Product dimensions 72 x 63.5 x 95/104.8cm
  • Packing size 81 x 69 x 20.5cm
  • Total pedal count/time/calories/scan/speed information. 5 preset programs
  • Ergonomically shaped knobs for a comfortable grip
  • Motor Nr. 2 direct current 230 Vdc - 2 x 70 W
  • Back and forth pedaling
  • Ergonomically shaped pedals. With toe strap
  • Product weight 15 Kg
  • Weight of the packed product 17 Kg
  • Motorized speed regulation
  • Rotation speed from 28 to 76 rpm on 12 levels.
Warranty : 2 years by law
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