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CIRC Compact Massage Chair

CIRC Compact Massage Chair

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Not just a massage chair
CirC is much more than a simple massage chair. The CirC is your personal wellness oasis. The distinctively shaped, compact massage chair adapts to your personal environment and your body.
Enjoy the relaxing massage functions in pleasant ambient lighting with excellent seat ergonomics. Treat yourself to a precious and refined moment, just for you, with the innovative and compact CirC.

L shape massage
The L-shape massage offers pure relaxation, exactly where you want it. The “Massage Hands” move along a 34-inch track from the lower neck, along the back to the buttocks and thigh area. With the push of a button you can choose between full body, back, hip or buttock massage or concentrate on a certain area or point on your body.

The SYNCA CirC armchair gradually massages from the buttocks to the thighs, starting with a delicate "tapping" massage. In the next step, the massage is deeper to release tension and blockages around the pelvis. The side air cushions in the pelvic area ensure additional muscle relaxation with their gentle compression.

The muscles in the lumbar and pelvic area are an important support system, closely connected to the legs and spinal muscles. Tight or stiff muscles in the pelvic region can cause pain and dysfunction in the lower back, lower back, and hips.

Pre-programmed relaxation
Enjoy a personalized massage, according to your needs. With the intuitive remote control you can choose all available manuals and programs at the touch of a button.

Automatic programs
"Kneading" and "Tapping" massage for the whole body, automatic program concentrated on the back, automatic program concentrated on the pelvis and buttocks and revitalizing massage with compressed air.

Manual programs
“Kneading” and “Tapping” massages or circular massages can be combined with different areas of the body.

Selective programs
You can direct the massage function exactly where the tension is and control it specifically with the up and down buttons

Cover colour: Beige, Bordeaux, Navy, Espresso
Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz, 50W
Product Dimensions: 55cm x 94cm x 100cm
Weight: 32kg
Max user weight: 114kg
Accessories: Cushions, power cable (about 180 cm), cover

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